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This is how all started…

We are a Mexican-American company based in the US and Mexico since 2013. Our mission is to spread positive messages through our works. The theme of our productions is always centered on universal social problems. Through solid scripts and creative visuals, we try to generate empathy in people, emulating emotions on the screen, hoping that they cross it and awaken the social awareness to make a change in the world.

We believe firmly that there are more people looking to rescue the good in humanity than those who are determined to destroy it.

Soratola Productions is created by a group of passionate artists who always leave a part of their soul in everything they do, hence our motto "Do it with Meraki!".

We are talented writers, filmmakers, screenwriters, cinematographers, designers and publicists from all over the world, developing together a diverse and universal perspective of what happens globally.

Our works range from short films, advertising spots and feature films to poems, writings and books.

Our goal is to ensure that our audience, when they're exposed to our productions, allows themselves to feel the emotions instead of elude them.

Do it with Meraki,

Soratola Productions.